Tyler Foxx

Las Vegas LGBTQ recording artist Giovanni Aguayo stops by the show

Giovanni, Dominic, Tyler & Sir Freezy talk making music Find out who Giovanni Aguayo is most inspired by and what kind of music he makes ...They suspect Tyler might even have some sangin' skills. Find Giovanni on INSTA: Giovanniaguayo Listen live on the RADIO.COM app & CHANNEL Q Las Vegas...
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We meet Anetra who has no drag mother and just started performing! Can we get her one???

Drag Queen & Nightclub entertainer Anetra is a local and may have went to school with Sir Freezy! She has no drag mother yet still paints fiercely and is working at some of the hottest LGBTQ clubs in Las Vegas...She slayed! Find her on INSTA:iamanetra Listen live every Saturday morning pm 94.1...
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Mila died in boarding...we cried...

Michael & Melissa and I sit down and have an honest conversation on animal rescue in the valley. We talked about Mila #RIP who passed away in boarding while waiting for a home. Also, why fostering helps... visit www.pawtasicfriends.com to donate, foster or find out about the status of ANY of...
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Tylers World Channel Q Las Vegas

Tyler's World -- Relationship Rehabilitation

Hey FoXx gang, Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who I also read tarot cards for, and she gave me confirmation on a reading that I provided to her a few weeks back. It's amazing to me that I can read for others and watch it play out. Then they come back and tell me this stuff, that when I told...
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FoXx & Freezy

Join us everday Saturday at 10am on 94.1 HD2

Dominic Pacifico joins us again to let us know what's going on for Gay Pride Month in Vegas and around the country. Sir Freezy introduced our "Gay Word of the Day" 3.Tyler FoXx wished he could have been at Stonewall
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Dating safety tips

Hey FoXx GaNg!!! I know it's summer and with the help of many diff app's we are likely meeting more people, which creates more opportunities to go out and be social. Dating can be scary sometimes. Dating in Las Vegas can be even creepier. I wanted to take a minute and be "big brother" and share...
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The super fabulous Mr.Pam Drops by the CHANNEL Q studios...

The one of history's most prolific directors Mr. Pam drops by and boy did we get naughty. We talked about being a Vegas transplant, Grabby's, awards, and how she got the name Mr. Pam. Dominic Pacifico gets her to dish the dirt on a new book, she is writing. What a super fun show. Join us every...
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From Cruise Ships to The Vegas Strip

Tyler shocked the entire room when he pulled out his tattoo (It's on his leg) Then our pal Elliott, dropped by the FoXx & Sir Freezy show to dish on drag, the community & of course HAMBURGER MARY'S! Elliott has performed in 5 countries, rode several cruise ships and danced since he as 5...
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FOXx & Freezy Show on CHANNEL Q 06.15.19 SEG 1

I found out on the FoXx & Sir Freezy Show that I am a CIS dude...who knew. We also discuss the word "Queer" and find out how even wallpaper can be "queer" according to Dominic Pacifico. Listen every Saturday morning @ 10am on the ALL New CHANNEL Q 94.1 HD2 #LGBTQ+ #Pride #Talk #LasVegas
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Tyler's World -- Celebrates dad this weekend

Hey FoXx Gang I just wanted to put a quick shout out to all the dad's out there who hold it down for their kids. This goes for the stepdad's and the mom's doing the job of dad. Thanks for holding us down while we grow up to become the people we are destined to become. I think about the work my mom...
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