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Pawtastic Friends

Pawtastic Friend Bear

Help Get Bear Adopted Today In Las Vegas! Every Share Counts!
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Pawtastic Friends

Tyler's World: Tyler & Big Mike saving tails

BIG Mike from Pawtastic Friends and I together today saving tails. Meet BRUCE..find out why he's a volunteer favorite.
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Tyler's World #Blog about my dog

I adopted a new dog! Here's an update on her progress.
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Pawtasic Friend

Tyler's World ..:: Pawtastic Friends ::..

Torrey is available for adoption here in Las Vegas! What a sweet girl...
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Tyler's World: Blogging...

I am so in love with having Remi home with me...
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Tyler's World Blog

Tyler's World #Remiblog

Tyler Foxx drove all the way to Victorville to adopt this sweet soul...
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Rat Lotto

Road Trip to Victorville..I lost on scratch offs..

Foxx Gang!!! Happy New Year!!! I took a road trip to Victorville to adopt my new Dobergirl "Remi"...along the way someone farted...we ate gas station food...we had to take evasive action on the freeway. We gambled and we lost and we have the reciepts. For those of you that don't know. I lost my...
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Tyler's World!  Say what??

Dinner Time with Nona!

Tyler sat down with Nona over christmas and they had quite some tales to tell about their ill spent youths! What did Tyler just say?
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Tyler's World

GRADE A Stuff...

I heard myself on the radio talking about Honey Baked Hams...and how easy and awesome it is to call/order online and just pick up. PRIMO Grade A- #paid #sponsored
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Tyler Foxx - Tyler's World

Tyler's World ...Lessons learned...

Tyler learned some really important lessons on patience.
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