The 10 Most Stressful Jobs in America

The jobs website CareerCast puts out a list every year of the most stressful jobs in America. And I'm happy to say, I guess, that my job made the list. Yes, broadcaster made the top ten. Now, I'm not sure what makes my position as a radio broadcaster so stressful. By the way, the appropriate term...
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We're #35! We're #35! We're #35!

Wallet Hub puts out a list each year on the best and worst states to drive in. They look at 30 different factors that affect how nice or miserable your drive is...things like road conditions, gas prices, and traffic. How did the Silver State rank? Well, contrary to those that live here and...
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Vegas Loves Mayo

Do you have a favorite condiment you dump on everything? Like whether you're having fries, salad, or wings, you've gotta have ranch on hand? The product-ratings website went through about 50,000 reviews to see which condiments Americans are currently obsessed with. And they came up...
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