Cricket Wireless Talks With Chet & Kayla About Tools 4 Schools

Chet and Kayla talk with Cricket Wirless on our Tools 4 Schools.
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Zoom CEO Offers Free Tools for Schools Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is making sure schools have the opportunity to sign up to free accounts for his video conferencing software. See the details.
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What grade did you develop some confidence?

Hey, it's Big Quan. Let's dive back to when you stepped on campus with full confidence. Feel free to cast your answer on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at 98.5 KLUC!
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Skool Sux; August 13, 2018

In honor of Clark County Schools going back on Monday, here's a Spence's Song of the Week Throwback from 2018. "Skool Sux."
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No School Today; Feb. 22, 2019

Sometimes snow days aren't all they're cracked up to be as you will hear in Spence's Song of the Week titled, "No School Today."
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Teachers Bringing Drake And Cardi B To The Classroom

“Kiki, do you love reading?”
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