I had a dream about Anna Nicole!

Tyler had a dream about the supermodel Anna Nicole that left him feeling kinda sad. We discussed an evening out in Las Vegas. not getting home until 4am, surreal situations famous people at night clubs, food trucks and eating our feelings at the end of the night. We broke that all down, plus find...
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Jean; August 30, 2019

The first ever song written about Jean, Nevada. It's Spence's Song of the Week titled, "Jean."
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The Chet Buchanan Show in Jean

The Chet Buchanan Show is on the road to kick off Labor Day Weekend.
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Cowabunga Bay Night

Cowabunga Bay After Dark: 21+

Get ready to make a splash After Dark at Cowabunga Bay, located at 900 Galleria Drive in Henderson, for a special 21 & Up evening on May 3rd from 8 pm to 12 midnight.
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Three Ways to Save Money with NV Energy PowerShift

Every southern Nevadan has their own “heat tolerance” when summer arrives.
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Man, Are We Stressed Out!

WalletHub just released its annual rankings of the most and least stressed-out states in America.They look at 40 different factors, like health stats, job security, credit scores, divorce rates, and how many hours people have to work to make a living. The Silver State placed seventh overall...
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Does Heather Give Tyler $10 for A.D.'s iPad?

Find out what happens in Tyler's crazy World
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Tyler's World

Welcome to Tyler's World: This is Real Life Las Vegas

98.5 KLUC's Tyler Foxx keeps it real. This week, follow along as Tyler debates whether or not to purchase an iPad. He asks Q100.5's Natalia and 98.5 KLUC's Santiago for their advice. 98.5 KLUC's A.D. is asking $50 for the iPad. Is it worth the investment? Can he flip his buy? Check back every...
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We're #35! We're #35! We're #35!

Wallet Hub puts out a list each year on the best and worst states to drive in. They look at 30 different factors that affect how nice or miserable your drive is...things like road conditions, gas prices, and traffic. How did the Silver State rank? Well, contrary to those that live here and...
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Vegas Loves Mayo

Do you have a favorite condiment you dump on everything? Like whether you're having fries, salad, or wings, you've gotta have ranch on hand? The product-ratings website went through about 50,000 reviews to see which condiments Americans are currently obsessed with. And they came up...
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