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Toy Drive Day 12  22

Every Little Thing Counts

Many of the organizations taking part spoke of being inspired to create their own, office-wide toy drives, repeating the mantra that “one dollar at a time, one bicycle at a time” makes all the difference.
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Terrible Herbst

Terrible Herbst Helps 98.5 Break Toy Drive Records

“My heart is pounding,” Buchanan said in anticipation. Just before 10 a.m., as the final minutes ticked away,
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Toy Drive 2019 Sea Of Bikes

Toy Drive Day Feelin Good as Heck

With more than 7,100 bikes collected -- and the cash gift card total soaring past $360,000 – by midday Sunday, the host is making a last minute plea to the community to help put Toy Drive over the top.
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Toy Drive 2019 Ride Now

Keep Filling Those Trucks!

Volunteers and donors are rushing back and forth with gifts of all shapes and sizes as they try to fill the Coca Cola trucks in the NV Energy parking lot.
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Toy Drive Record

Nevada State Bank Loves Donating To Toy Drive

Nevada State Bank offers help to Toy Drive.
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Toy Drive Record

‘You Can See the Light at the End of the Tunnel’

The 2018 campaign had been an overwhelming success but overtaking the record is not an impossible feat.
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Toy Drive 2019 Terry Fator

Terry Fator, Hash House a Go Go Help Close Trucks

Las Vegans have stepped up since Day One, and on the seventh day the donations came fast and furious, as families, businesses, and celebrities turned out to help.
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Walgreens Toy Drive 2019 Photo Page

Toy Drive 2019 Photo Gallery

Toy Drive 2019 Photo Page Is Sponsored By
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Chet Buchanan Talks 21 Annual Toy Drive With The Venetian Resort

98.5 KLUC Home of the Chet Buchanan Show, Chet Buchanan , sits down with Julio and Jessica from The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.
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Toy Drive 2019 Photo Charging Station

4 Reasons Toy Drive is Better Than Your Office

It would be tough if your job requires you to be at a physical location, that’s true, but if all you need is a laptop and a smartphone, what are you waiting for? Here are four reasons why Toy Drive is better than your office.
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