chet buchanan

VGK's Stormy Buonantony on The Chet Buchanan Show

You see her on the Golden Knights broadcast, and now you hear from the local girl who made it big in the NHL.
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Spence's Song of the Week

Best of Spence's Songs of the Week #2

It's season #3, already, for your Vegas Golden Knights . Spence welcomes back in song.
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Church of Spencetology Podcast: Episode 19

Have you heard about female sex robot guy? He's real and he lives in Nevada.
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Hockey's Back; October 4, 2019

Getting you ready for season #3 of Vegas Golden Knights hockey with Spence's Song of the Week
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15 Pretty Good Minutes of The Chet Buchanan Show: Episode 359

It's our favorite 15 minutes from the show!!
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Disney Tickets!! AND Kayla Doesn't Know Hockey Positions, But Those Teams...?

Download the app for past episodes!!
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Spence Salutes Wild Bill

Several sources are reporting that William Karlsson will remain in a Golden Knights uniform for many years to come. The extension is rumored to be for eight years for just under $6 million per season, a slight pay increase from last year's $5.25 million. In honor of "Wild Bill" staying in Vegas,...
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Snoop Dogg

Hockey Is Better With Snoop Dogg Doing Play-By-Play

The Doggfather wonders "who want the money?" as the Kings face the Penguins
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Spence's Best VGK Songs of 2018 - #1 Baby Shark VGK Style

The children's song, "Baby Shark" took over the internet as the Knights' second season began. I mean, so why not? Check out our VGK version of the song.
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Spence's Best VGK Songs of 2018 - #2 Super

With a second season of Golden Knights hockey on the way, Spence could not contain his excitement and in honor of the team and it's goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury he came up with "SuperGoldenKnightaliciousFleuryIsTheMostest."
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