FoXx and Freezy

Foxx & Freezy Show 11.23.2019

Find out why Freezy's song for Tyler was "Mack the knife" & If Tyler is musically inclined when Sheila Wright..... Vegas's karaoke queen stops by the Foxx & Freezy show.
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I had a dream about Anna Nicole!

Tyler had a dream about the supermodel Anna Nicole that left him feeling kinda sad. We discussed an evening out in Las Vegas. not getting home until 4am, surreal situations famous people at night clubs, food trucks and eating our feelings at the end of the night. We broke that all down, plus find...
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The gay word of the day, Dominic Pacifico with gay things 2 do,

We "slayed" the gay word of the day...Dominic got more princess points from Sir Freezy...Find out we recap some of the best pride events from the last week and let you know whats going on in the valley coming up this week!
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Tylers World on Channel Q Las Vegas

Tyler's getting older, going out alone, where is J.Dot???

J.Dot joins us soon! We talk Vegas parties, scenes and whats happening on the real in the 702. Listen live on 94.1 HD2 The ALL NEW Channel Q....Queering the air for the LGBTQ Community. FoXx & Sir Freezy Saturday mornings @ 10am. Never miss a minute of your favorite LGBTQ content by downloading...
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Phoenix Bar & Lounge

Phoenix Bar & Lounge; DJ Panda; May 18, 2019

With EDC in town, it's a crazy week in Las who better to talk to than Landon Heins, co-owner of one of the city's hottest clubs, The Phoenix Bar & Lounge.
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