Channel Q

Our lawyer friend Mandy got a flat tire on 2 of her cars on her way here...

Description: Mandy got a flat tire on one car, her other cars convertible top wouldn’t close, so she had to take “Richard,” her mother’s nice smooth black Buick! Tyler was shocked! If you have any criminal, family, or entertainment legal needs, give Mandy a call at McKellar Family Law! 702-816-5200...
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FoXx & Freezy

Teddy Sim swings by the FoXx & Freezy show

Description: Chiropractor Teddy Sim stops by the studio to talk about Zumba, his time being a doctor, as well as an event that he will be hosting at Las Vegas PRIDE, October 12th called “Queen of the Night!” ( ) If you back is out of wack and you...
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FoXx and Freezy Show reflects on I'm Listening

Description: Today FoXx & Freezy reflect on the past week from “I’m Listening,” an initiative for suicide prevention awareness, to remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11, we want you to know you are never alone! Visit for resources if you or anyone you know is suffering...
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I had a dream about Anna Nicole!

Tyler had a dream about the supermodel Anna Nicole that left him feeling kinda sad. We discussed an evening out in Las Vegas. not getting home until 4am, surreal situations famous people at night clubs, food trucks and eating our feelings at the end of the night. We broke that all down, plus find...
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Tylers World Channel Q Las Vegas

My night out with my buddy SIR Freezy

So when I go out with my buddy Freezy we stay out late! This weekend we hung out with performers and fabulous people! Thanks to Iconic for such an amazing time and the food truck was a MUST! I didn't get home until 4am! Check out our radio show on CHANNEL Q on 94.1 HD2 every Saturday morning @ 10am...
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Chi Chi LaRue stops by CHANNEL Q

It's always great time when Chi Chi Larue stops by!!! We talked about her book, Prince, and even John Bobbitt (YES...that John Bobbitt)!!! Don't miss this podcast replay & listen live every Saturday morning on the ALL NEW CHANNEL Q 94.1 HD2 & on the #worldfamous RADIO.COM APP FoXX &...
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Las Vegas LGBTQ recording artist Giovanni Aguayo stops by the show

Giovanni, Dominic, Tyler & Sir Freezy talk making music Find out who Giovanni Aguayo is most inspired by and what kind of music he makes ...They suspect Tyler might even have some sangin' skills. Find Giovanni on INSTA: Giovanniaguayo Listen live on the RADIO.COM app & CHANNEL Q Las Vegas...
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We meet Anetra who has no drag mother and just started performing! Can we get her one???

Drag Queen & Nightclub entertainer Anetra is a local and may have went to school with Sir Freezy! She has no drag mother yet still paints fiercely and is working at some of the hottest LGBTQ clubs in Las Vegas...She slayed! Find her on INSTA:iamanetra Listen live every Saturday morning pm 94.1...
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The gay word of the day, Dominic Pacifico with gay things 2 do,

We "slayed" the gay word of the day...Dominic got more princess points from Sir Freezy...Find out we recap some of the best pride events from the last week and let you know whats going on in the valley coming up this week!
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Jarret Moon from Pirahana Nightclub talks about his new album and music video

Robbed the minute he landed in Vegas...overcame every obstacle to land on top of the pile! We love Jarrett Moon! You are inspirational to us and we loved your music video with Mr. Pam.
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