Sound House

98.5 KLUC and Entercom Las Vegas' annual celebration of all things music. Each year 98.5 KLUC invades downtown Las Vegas for an exclusive party as we welcome some of the biggest names and hottest new talents in music to perform, talk about their work and even take some photos with our Sound House attendees. See pictures and video interviews from past years that have included Lewis Capaldi,Billie Eilish and so many more. 

Lewis Capaldi

Sound House 2019: Lewis Capaldi Moves Audience to Tears -- of Laughter!

Lewis Capaldi has a voice from the heavens. Yet, the 22-year-old Scot didn't have to sing a single note to win the love of everyone at Sound House 2019.
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Bryce Vine

Sound House 2019: Bryce Vine Raises the Roof

Rapper Bryce Vine did finally get to meet the inspiration for his 2018 hit Drew Barrymore -- and it was definitely a highlight.
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Billie Eilish with mom Maggie Baird; Sept. 20, 2019

Sound House 2019: Billie Eilish on Star Texting, Her Life-Changing Moment and Her First Solo Shopping Trip

One of the music world's fastest rising artists stopped by Sound House 2019 at Inspire Nightclub in Las Vegas for a wide-ranging interview.
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Dillon Francis; Sound House, Sept. 22, 2018

Sound House 2018: Dillon Francis Meets the People

Musician-producer-DJ-and-moombahton pioneer Dillon Francis warmly greeted everyone at Sound House 2018.
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Logan Henderson; Sound House, Sept. 22, 2018

Sound House 2018: Logan Henderson Greets Generations

Logan Henderson starred in Nickelodeon's series "Big Time Rush" as well as the spinoff Big Time Rush band. Now, he's gone solo -- and he was only too happy to meet the listeners at Sound House.
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Dinah Jane; Sound House, Sept, 22, 2018

Sound House 2018: Dinah Jane Swings In

Fifth Harmony is no more -- but that isn't stopping Dinah Jane from carving out a new career as a solo artist. She stopped by Sound House 2018 to debut her new track and meet the fans.
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Logan Henderson; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Logan Henderson Speaks...Will Big Time Rush Reunite?

It's never easy transitioning from a pop group to being a stand-alone solo artist, but Logan Henderson is proving he may have the chops to survive the shift.
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Dinah Jane; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Dinah Jane Comes to Sleep?

Not many 21-year-olds come to Las Vegas for a solid eight hours of sleep. Of course, most 21-year-olds aren't on a high-octane promotional tour like pop star Dinah Jane.
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