Mercury Retrograde is BACK!

For the next 3 prepared for....


Hey FoXx Gang!!!

Thursday and I am back with another blog on retrograde madness!  So to kick off Mercury retrograde, my apartment complex had to reschedule fixing my master shower. So I am still living in plush poverty with only 1 working shower.  As if rescheduling for the 4th time was not enough, my laptop decided to die and disrupt all of my online communications, passwords, files, etc.  Additionally, I was delayed yesterday, due to the battery in my car dying.  Let me tell you that was a real picnic.  To the credit of the company who made the battery, it lasted for 6 years in Las Vegas heat.  All of this has happened during mercury retrograde.  

During the next 3 weeks.  Be prepared for people being late, needing to reschedule.  Missing deadlines and plenty of lost communication.  Communication is the #1 biggest disruption during mercury retrograde.  It can affect electronics vehicles or really anything that can cause you lots of frustration.    The best reaction to all of these things is one of NON reaction.  This too shall pass and allow yourself to slow down and rethink situations.  

There are some positive effects of mercury retrograde and I will share those with you in my next blog.

Be patient these next few weeks and enjoy your summer.