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Friday, March 29th

Lavar Ball Calls Alan Foster a ‘Snake,’ Says All-American Game Still On


The Big Baller Brand is bigger than just one person, Lavar Ball says, and he’s not about to let that person tear it down. 


In an interview with 98.5 KLUC’s Nudia, the Ball In the Family patriarch and media personality opened up about the widely reported news that one-time friend and business partner Alan Foster had embezzled $1.5 million from Lakers guard (and Lavar’s son) Lonzo Ball. The revelation led to Lonzo Ball cutting ties with Big Baller Brand, while Foster was booted from the cast of Ball In the Family, which recently wrapped its fourth season on Facebook Watch.


“The brand is good,” Lavar Ball insisted during the interview. “We had a snake up in the thing, but you gotta understand this, I’m a snake charmer.


“You gonna get bit, but you can’t kill me.”


Ball takes particular offense to those who question whether Foster’s alleged actions have damaged the Big Baller brand, exclaiming that Foster is not the brand – “This is a family brand,” Ball says -- and that his former friend would pay a far greater price down the road.


“If it worked at $1.5M to leave a family [sic],” Ball says. “You can’t even put a price tag on a person leaving a family, it’s gonna hit him.” 


In the midst of the scandal, some questioned whether Ball’s March 31 Big Baller Brand All-American Game would tip off as scheduled inside Orleans Arena.

Ball says nothing has changed, and the game, “It’s gonna be one of the best All-Star games ever.”


“Don’t let this event be about what’s going on with the family and the guy doing the bad things [and] all that,” he says.