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Constantly bouncing between his love of all things DTLV and Summerlin, Tyler Fox is convinced that there are three fundamental S’s in life: songs, shows and shopping!  On any given day, he’s lucky to be fully engaged in one or another.  But on the best of days, he’s captured all three. 

While there’s a long history to the many places he’s been and things he’s done, all that matters is that none of them make him happier than landing the gig of a lifetime...

When he’s not guiding your path home from the work day, he’s likely guiding his way to the gym or the nearest spot for tacos and tequila (which is probably why he’s also gotta stick with his workout regimen).  Tyler is a fully animated ball of energy and light, fueled by his love for the Vegas lifestyle, a never ending fascination with Anna Nicole and finding his truth in tarot card readings.

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