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Hi. I’m Kayla. If you want to call me KJ [Kayla-Jo], that’s cool. God has blessed us all with Life and I plan on living mine to its fullest. Will you come along? My favorite part of the week is Monday mornings. Why, you ask? Because reflecting on a Vodka-soaked Saturday is the ultimate way to bring me back to reality.

Everything I do in life is to benefit my friends and family. Speaking of….

…… I am single, and LOVE it that way. I salute all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. out there who can make it work in a household. It’s been at least 8 years since I’ve lived with someone and I can’t imagine how hard it is for y’all. EEEEK, that reminds me. You might hear me say things like “y’all” and “gator huntin’” because I grew up on that stuff. I apologize in advance.

Grew up on the water- SHOUTS OUT VENICE, FL! I was a cheerleader the majority of my life, but totally the tom-boy version. I tend to curse more than necessary, but promise to hold back out of courtesy. Things I enjoy: smiling, laughing and YOLOing all over town. Looking for a positive life. I break more wine glasses than I can maintain in my household so I recommend you become a straight out of the bottle girl with me. Hoping to make an impact in one of the most electric cities in the world. #VegasBaby

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