Two Cents with Lil Jess

Lil Jess ALWAYS has an opinion. But The Chet Buchanan Show moves fast...and she doesn't always get a chance to chime in. SO...she's serving up all her hot takes here in Two Cents with Lil Jess!

Gary Spivey Helps Lil Jess

The World's Greatest Psychic Gary Spivey

Lil Jess, from The Chet Buchanan Show, is ready to find love. What does The World's Greatest Psychic, Gary Spivey, have to say?
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Erik is concerned pictures are a red flag.

Is This A Relationship Red Flag

Erik is concerned that his girlfriend's obsession with taking a solo picture is a red flag!
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Can you train a man to be better in bed?

Can You Train a Man to be Better in Bed?

Courtney's boyfriend is such a great guy except that he is a terrible kisser and horrible in bed. Can this be fixed with a little training?
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Japanese Billionaire Is Looking for a New Girlfriend

"Well, I've already tried love-for-love might as well give love-for-money & the moon a go!", says Lil Jess from The Chet Buchanan Show.
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Fat Shaming Santa Claus

Is It Time for A Sexier Santa?

Did you just fat-shame Santa Claus! Do you agree it's time for a sexier leaner Santa?
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Why is Your Man Buying Flowers for Another Woman?

Imagine this, your BFF was just cheated on by her boyfriend and is completely heartbroken. YOUR boyfriend offers to buy your BFF flowers to cheer her up. Is this a problem for you?
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On a First Date, Who Should Pay for Dinner? 

On a first date, who should pay for dinner? He seems to always want to split the bill and she is not having it! And, why is feminism allows being dragged into who's paying for dinner?
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Daycare or Grandma's Care

New mommy wants her 2-month old to go to daycare after finding out...
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Stepdad Wants to Gift His BMW to His Stepson

My ex-wife's new RICH husband wants to gift our teenage son a BMW 7 series and I forbid it!!! The decision should be between my ex-wife and I; not her current husband.
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They'll Never Find Out

Our babysitter's boyfriend showed up at our house while we were out. And, she did not tell us he was coming over; we saw him on our ring camera. Should we terminate her?
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