Black Friday

Wreck the Malls; November 22, 2019

Sometimes Black Friday isn't pretty. Spence's Song of the Week tells the story in "Wreck the Malls."
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Young Blood Remix

Youngblood (Dracula Remix); October 31, 2019

Dracula suffers a mid-life crisis in Spence's Halloween Song of the Week, "Youngblood."
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I Don't Have a Song; October 11, 2019

Sometimes it's tough to come up with a new song each and every week. This week's effort proves that.
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Hockey's Back; October 4, 2019

Getting you ready for season #3 of Vegas Golden Knights hockey with Spence's Song of the Week
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Meh; September 27, 2019

A lot of things in life are "meh." Here are a few of them in Spence's Song of the Week.
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I Don't Like Your Cat; September 20, 2019

Spence is a dog person. Duh.
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Oh, Karen; September 13, 2019

Everyone knows that woman. Her name is Karen and she wants to speak to the manager.
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Porch Light; September 6, 2019

A record-breaking Song of the Week from Spence.
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Jean; August 30, 2019

The first ever song written about Jean, Nevada. It's Spence's Song of the Week titled, "Jean."
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The Theme from Spence's Challenge; August 23, 2019

You've heard the Spence's Challenge jingle. Now, the full version, "The Theme from Spence's Challenge."
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