Paper Straw; November 15, 2019

Every time you try to do right by Mother Earth something goes wrong.
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Church of Spencetology Podcast: Episode 18

A holiday myth debunked on episode 18 of the Chruch of Spencetology podcast.
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Why is Your Man Buying Flowers for Another Woman?

Imagine this, your BFF was just cheated on by her boyfriend and is completely heartbroken. YOUR boyfriend offers to buy your BFF flowers to cheer her up. Is this a problem for you?
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Are These the Best TV Shows of the 2010s?

What are the best TV shows of the 2010s? "The A.V. Club" has put together its list.
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Enter To Win The Kitchen on Digital!

Enter to win The Kitchen on Digital!
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You Started Dating A Promiscuous Girl... Uh Oh!! Spence Had Drama At The Karaoke Bar.

Missed the show?? Catch everything right here.
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Young Blood Remix

Youngblood (Dracula Remix); October 31, 2019

Dracula suffers a mid-life crisis in Spence's Halloween Song of the Week, "Youngblood."
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Chet P1 Report

P1 Power Rankings: Week #19

Each week on the P1 Power Rankings Podcast, Chet, Spence & Kayla rank our most passionate listeners.
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P1 Power Rankings Top 5 - Week #18

Each week, The Chet Buchanan Show ranks its top listeners. Here is a tribute to this week's P1 Power Rankings Top 5.
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