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Celebrate Spencemas with New Spencemas Music

Every year in honor of my birthday, commonly known as Spencemas, I release a brand new album of Spencemas songs. This year is no different. Hear my latest collections in honor of my birth titled, "Drunkle Spence Comes to Dinner." These autobiographical tracks tell the story of me, Spence, and what...
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Wreck the Malls: The Black Friday Song

Every year, it seems, the highlight reel from Black Friday looks like a UFC fight. Man, you just have to get one of those discounted doorbuster LED TVs right. No one is going to stand in your way. Spence captures that with his Song of the Week, "Wreck the Malls."
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A Message from Tom Turkey

From the twisted mind of Spence, a disturbing monologue from your future Thanksgiving dinner, Tom Turkey. Let's just say he's not pleased with your decision making process.
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A Word from the Florida Department of Education

Counting and recounting, that's what seems to happen after every election in the state of Florida. In this public service announcement, the Florida Department of Education make the case that it's securing the future of the Floridian vote by teaching children what's important about voting.
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What if members of the cast of the horror favorite, "Silence of the Lambs" were running for political office? What would a Clarice Starling negative ad against Jame Gumb aka Buffalo Bill sound like. Spence thinks it would sound like this. 


Church of Spencetology Episode 11

My wife watches ever real crime show available. If it's on A&E or Investigation Discovery she watches it. "Forensic Files," "Homicide Hunter," "Deadly Women," you name it and you'll probably find it on our DVR. So, it shocked the heck out of me when she told me the story of how she ended, out...
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