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VGK's Stormy Buonantony on The Chet Buchanan Show

You see her on the Golden Knights broadcast, and now you hear from the local girl who made it big in the NHL.
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The Chet Buchanan Show Love Letter

Our Curated Love Letter

Love is in the air on The Chet Buchanan Show.
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Gary Spivey Helps Lil Jess

The World's Greatest Psychic Gary Spivey

Lil Jess, from The Chet Buchanan Show, is ready to find love. What does The World's Greatest Psychic, Gary Spivey, have to say?
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Church of Spencetology Podcast: Episode 19

Have you heard about female sex robot guy? He's real and he lives in Nevada.
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15 Pretty Good Minutes of The Chet Buchanan Show: Episode 323

It's our favorite 15 minutes of the show... and today was a doozy.
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Church of Spencetology Podcast: Episode 17

Besides the normal nursery rhymes and whatnot, what songs have you kept in your head since childhood. Have you ever heard of "Villa Allegre"? You will now. Also, how did you lose your job with as little effort as possible? A dude in Louisiana just hit enter on his phone. Done. And, the original...
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P1 Power Rankings: Week #3

A P1 is a person that listens to The Chet Buchanan Show on purpose. There are many designations like "P1D1" is a P1 from day 1 or "P1AF" obviously is P1 as....well, you get it. The main thing is that you listen to the show. We decided that we should put together a rankings of our most prolific...
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Lil Jess from The Chet Buchanan Show along with the 98.5 KLUC Crew will be enjoying 'Incredibles 2' inside the cool and relaxing Fashion Show - Great Hall from 4-6pm with the movie starting at 6pm! Free Movies at Fashion Show in Las Vegas Fashion Show will celebrate the upcoming summer season with...
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Episode 16 covers the mysterious Game of Thrones mistakes that allowed a craft services coffee, credited to Starbucks, to make it into "The Last of the Starks," episode 4 of the HBO fantasy-drama. Was it on purpose? Are there other amazing product placement options that GoT and HBO are missing out...