darren waller

Raiders' Star Darren Waller Hangs w/ the Chet Buchanan Show

Even after a tough night on the field, Darren still made it up bright and early for LV.
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MVP of the League from your Las Vegas Aces

A'ja Wilson Is The WNBA MVP!!!

A'ja spilled the tea on one of the most shocking moments of her life.
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Tylers World

Tyler's World #Podcast

Songs, Magazines, Pumpkin Spice & Pop culture #LasVegas
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Dr. Teddy Sim


Dr. Teddy Sim dropped by CHANNEL Q last weekend...we had lots to talk about.
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Janice Robinson

It was like a 90's Reunion Tour

It was like a 90's reunion tour. Janice Robinson had us singing...
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chet buchanan

Are You A Foodie??

You may think you're a foodie, but do you really know what the qualifications are?
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chet buchanan

'Doubling Down with The Derrico's' on The Chet Buchanan Show

Longtime P1s Karen and Deon are preparing for the first day of school... oh boy.
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