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Can Tyler rap? Is he friends with Cardi B? Is he rich?

Some of my favorite questions

April 15, 2019

Good Morning, FoXx Gang!

So on Friday, I went to career day at Paul Culley Elementary #CougarPride.  I want to say thank you to the staff and faculty and student council who were so kind to me.  I got to speak to 3 groups of students who had a lot of questions about radio and working at KLUC.  Some of them were quite entertaining. 

Card from Paul Culley Faculty


1.)  Do I know Chet Buchanan?  Of course, I know Chet Buchanan.  He's my bud.

2.) Can I sing? No...I promise you don't even want me part of the group singing Happy Birthday.  Yes, that bad. 

3.) Do I play instruments? Not a single one...not even a flute.  Serious. 

4.) Do I have bars?  Can I rap?  I do have some bars...I even made up a rap for A.D. @ Night #Elevated

5.) Am I friends with Cardi B?  Of course, should we wake her up and facetime her?

6.) Do I make mistakes at work? Every single day. I am imperfect.  But I aim for few mistakes as possible.

7.) What else would I be if I didn't work in radio?  I watch so much first 48 on TV, I am sure I would be an amazing detective.

8.) Do I make a lot of money?   If I was rich, I'd never admit it but I will say..... I am rich in love.  I have a lot of <3 in my world.


The KLUC Summer Jam 19 is coming up May the 30th @ The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  We're bringing #EllieGoulding #AllyBrooke #AvaMax #Fletcher & #MadisonBeer.  We're bringing some serious #GirlPower this year.  If you haven't got tickets yet.  Do not sleep on this.  If you miss this show you are gonna see everyone's selfies and check in's and wish you were there.  It's gonna be a fun night out.  Get the squad together and come hang.

Summer Jam 19

Yesterday, I met up with my homegirl Cheryl Prater.  We went to Pawtastic Friends charity event yesterday which was off the hook.  I have another episode of Tyler's World coming out tomorrow.  We will be featuring Chance the swimming dog.  I am gonna put a picture of him in here.  If you are interested in adopting or fostering him please contact www.pawtasticfriends.com to read his bio and find out how to adopt him. 

Chance enjoying a nice swim!

I'll talk to you on the air after 2.  Make sure you get the new super cool, free radio.com app ... so you will never miss your favorite song on 98.5 KLUC. 

Have a great Monday!  I love you guys. 

-Tyler FoXx

PS: Did you file your taxes yet?  They are due today.  Git er' done!