What can I say? When I'm working, I'm working!

Here's how my weekend went down...

March 25, 2019
First Day of Spring!


Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!  It's finally the last week of Mercury Retrograde, which I am sooooooooooo happy about.  Mercury goes direct on Thursday this week.  So if you have been experiencing upheaval, you should expect things to slow down as the end of the month approaches.  This retrograde and pisces moon has been eye opening.  I have seen masks fall and crack and see the real people become exposed.  Which is what the Pisces moon is about.  Seeing what's going on, making changes and if need be, letting go of those situations that no longer serve us.  The one I had been dealing with, I had been hanging onto for the better part of a decade.  But once I saw who this person was.  I made a choice, that I no longer want that energy in my life or anywhere around me. 

Over the weekend, I worked too...on Saturday I went to the Sprint store in Downtown Summerlin and hung out with Jasmine and her crew.  I even got them to play 98.5 KLUC on their radio.com app in the store.  Hopefully they forgot and left us on the remainder of the weekend.  We got some listeners hooked up with prizes and registed to win a concert and nites staycation at Mirage of Las Vegas.  Around 5 o' clock Chris Pierson from Summerlin claimed his prize!  Congrats man.  Saturday night I had to pick up some friends who came back from a cruise, so I stayed in and kinda laid low. 

I haven't done a buffet in what.... felt like ever.  I hit up my SO and we decided to lay waste to a Champagne Brunch.  The price was right and surprisingly it wasn't too crazy busy with lines or waiting so all in all, it was a great idea.  Additionally, we saw the new movie "Us"  if you like horror movies...you HAVE to see it.  There were some funny parts, but there were some where I was literally on the edge of my recliner screaming. 

We've got Jennifer Lopez tickets at KLUC this week.  Be listening everyday around 7:05 for Chet Buchanan to give you the song of the day.  When it plays hit us up on the KLUC studio phone at 702.364.98.98  and be caller #25 to score your tickets and check out the newly engaged JLo live.  You know we got the hook up.  Well I guess I should get on my purpose and get myself moving.  I am meeting with my trainer this morning and I am moving slow.  This should be interesting.  She keeps saying "Summertime Fine!" and I'm trying to be on that level.  So I should get up and get moving. 

Have a great week.  I love you guys so much!

- Tyler FoXx

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