Retrograde is OVERRRRRRRRRRRR Hallelujah!!!

Tyler's Ideas on First Date Deal Breakers..

March 28, 2019
First Day of Spring!


Hey guys!

Hallelujah!!!  Mercury Retrograde goes direct today...  I have been praying for this glorious day for 3 weeks.  Things should start getting back to normal.  I had my fair share of challenges during this retrograde.  I dealt with water being off for a day.  Then my kitchen and dining light rooms burned out of this writing only one of the two has been fixed.  But again it is retrograde.  We lost internet at KLUC for a day...then the next day we get internet back but in a historical social media moment...FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM both go down.  Not just for us, but millions of people.  I had a lot of confusion in a personal situation of mine I had been dealing with.  When we got that pisces moon.  That was really eye opening.  Because I was able to see someone for who they truly were and was able to finally cut the cord with this person that had only been bringing me down.  For the last 10 years, I have always had difficulty with this person during retrograde.  I always found that entertaining.  As soon as mercury went direct again it was like nothing ever happened.  I always forgave and moved on.  This pisces moon really began a new life cycle for a lot of people.  This time I am at peace with the process the universe has laid out and let go.  I hope you have experienced this same healing quality.  It really lightened up a seriously heavy situation for me.  Keep manifesting great things.  Thank god this retrograde is over tho.

                                                                             >>>>  First Date Deal Breakers >>>>

1.) Death Breath:  How are you supposed to talk..and eat in close proximity to someone who has breath that could wake the dead?  More than even that, it goes back to hygiene for me.  But I digress..  I always carry altoids. 

2.) Ex-Factor:  Talking about your ex is a total vibe killer.  Nothing worse than going out on a date with someone, who spends their time re-living a past relationship with a current potential who could really care less about your ex. 

3.) Bad Manners:  I would be so totally grossed out if I showed up to a date and they are burping or farting, or being over the top and drawing attention.   Just thinking about it sort of makes me squirm. 


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Love you Love you Love you!  Have an amazing day!

- Tyler FoXx   HMU @TylerFoxxVegas on the socials