Didn't make it to the gym!

Did I have Pizza?

March 13, 2019
Tyler's World

Hey guys!


I soooooooooo meant to go to the gym yesterday but after the events of the day.  It didn't happen... but at least I didn't order pizza.  I am for sure going to the gym tonight, you can count on seeing a check in. 

Have you heard this station yet?  It's on Hd2 and the radio.com app.  ..CHANNEL Q on 94.1 HD2……...CHANNEL Q is a new station for the LGBTQ community of Las Vegas.  It's fun and empowering and has so many great shows and dj's like JAI RODRIGUEZ, FROM THE ORIGINAL QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY….&  VEGAS BORN,  MIKALAH GORDON…  Music, Fun & LoveLines...  Check it out sometime.  You can listen live on the radio.com app and listen anytime anywhere.

I've got more tickets for #XTina #Xperience @ #ZapposTheater @#PlanetHollywoodLV ...I'll tell you which song you are listening for after 2pm. 

Check my blog for for my tarot card predictions for the week.  Friday... instead of blogging I will be putting up a tarot card prediction for the weekend. 

Mercury is still in Retrograde until the 28th...Hurry plz March ... be over already.

I'll talk to you after 2.

- Tyler FoXx