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Working from home update! 09/12/2020

September 12, 2020
Tylers World

Hey Foxx gang! 

Thanks for clicking on my blog.  It's been a minute since I updated the blog, so I figured...why the H&LL not!  When this pandemic started, I was just grateful to have a job.  I have seen so many of my friends displaced by this pandemic.  To be able to do my radio show daily from my house, has been a blessing.  So here's the update, I never get dressed for work any more, I stay up later at nite working on stuff and spend my mornings sleeping in.  I never used to be able to sleep past 8am...now it's a breeze for me to sleep until noon.  I have spent so much time cooking and trying different recipes and spending time with my doggies.  I love working at home and having them near me all day.  I'd venture a guess they like it too.  As many of you know I am probably the HUGEST Anna Nicole fan in north America.  I finished the manuscript for my book about her life.  I can't wait to share more details on that with you guys...but publishers...contracts and ongoing collaborations prohibit me from saying much more than what I have.  More on that later, I promise!  

If you have a smart speaker make sure you check out the radio show weekday afternoons from 2-7pm and of course on the RADIO.COM app too.  We're sooooo portable that way.  I've added some fun stuff to the show.  The RiDe HoMe People Poll, WACK TRACK @ 4 (usually a fun throwback), Where the H&LL am I, The Free Ride @ 5 AND MOST IMPORTANTLY 1 hour 20 minutes commercial free every afternoon.

I'm always a call or text away!  702.364.9898 Weekday afternoons.   So lets be friends on socials @ TylerFoxxVegas or Tyler's World makes it pretty easy to find me.  If you follow me.  I follow back. I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for listening & following

Tyler Foxx