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February 24, 2020
Tylers World

Hey Foxx gang!

I hope you guys had a super good weekend.  Mine was spent with trips to the groomers...cleaning..and laying in bed enjoying the rain & hitting the strip.  My friends Donna & Jeremy were in town last weekend and it was so great to spend time with them.  They got married here in Las Vegas last Febuary.   I love those friendships where you don't see them everyday or even 12 months can go by and the friendship is just as solid as the last time you saw them.  I have that kinda friendship with Donna.  Those are the best kind.  We started at Ellis Island (Cheap eats & drinks) and then staggered over to Bally's in the rain. 

I won $0.00 and only lost 5 dollars so I was pretty happy about that.  We couldn't stay out super late because they had a crazy long drive to get home.  PLUS, they had just adopted a doggie from the same rescue, I got Remi from!  #BONDED  #ADOPT #DONTSHOP 

I love those treasures like Ellis Island and those enduring friendships with those who live far away, that we can't always see daily.

I hope you guys had a fun weekend and that you got some R&R in.

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