I kept a secret from you! 4 signs your EX does NOT want you back

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April 1, 2019
First Day of Spring!


Hey guys!

Good morning, I've been keeping a secret from you since Thursday of last week.  I had to though, I was totally freaking out when my boss JB told me what was going on at our staff meeting.  Not only are we bringing back the KLUC "Summer Jam 19" but we hashtagged it #girlpower.  When I heard the promo for our show at the Cosmopolitan, I was literally freaking out.  First Ellie Goulding.."Close to Me" is prolly one of my favorite songs right now.  Madison Beer's "Hurts like Hell" is also one of my most rocked on replay lately....  KLUC artists  Ava Max #SweetButPsycho, Ally Brooke #LowKey and Fletcher will also be there, she has a killer new song called #Undrunk which is basically about having a redo button in life.  I wish I had one...  I am so looking forward to seeing you there May 30th @ The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  Ticket details at www.KLUC.com


Summer Jam 19

                                       >>>>>>>>>> 4 Signs your EX doesn't want you back <<<<<<<<<<<<

1. They keep you blocked on socials after a few months:  They are not hoovering and have no interest in even checking up on you to see if there is any interest on your end.  Usually if someone is NOT over you, you will hear from them been 45-60 days after a break up.  After 60 days, its pretty much completely over. 

2.) They told you so!  To quote Taylor Swift ..."We are never getting back together again" this is a pretty direct sign that it's really over & you should move on.

3.) No Contact:  Radio Silence there is no contact on either side. They avoid you and you are avoiding them.  No reply, no response:  You havent heard from them...they don't respond or reach out to you!

4.) You have been friend-zoned:  You might get together and meet up with them but there is no flirting or vibes flying back and forth.


Have a great day today and check back later today for Video #3 from my new Tyler's World Web-Series! 

Love you love you Love you!

- Tyler FoXx

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