Tyler's World #Podcast

Garrett from QLifeMedia drops in...we had a LOT to talk about #LGBTQ

September 12, 2020

This morning Garrett stopped by virtually and revealed that he has not had a pumpkin spice ANYTHING yet...the closest he has got is a sweet potato!  Garrett! 

The Pandemic has changed so many things, find out what's new with QLife Magazine in this podcast.  Be sure to check out Tyler's World Show on CHANNEL Q -- Saturday Mornings from 10-11am on Vegas' CHANNEL Q (94.1 HD2) www.wearechannelq.com and of course the RADIO.COM app

(About QLife)

QLife served the Las Vegas LGBTQ community. As we emerge from quarantine, we are broadening our reach across the US. Their mission is to become a desination for the LGBTQ community. Stories from around the country, local and national events, and a directory of LGBTQ-owned and LGBTQ-supportive businesses. 

CONNECT WITH QLIFE HERE ----> https://qlifemedia.com/