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Relationship Rehabilitation..your thoughts...

April 3, 2019
Tyler's World Personal Blog 3.19.19


We survived Taco Tuesday...hallelujah!!!!  Here's to humpday! 

#LoveHangover I've been writing a lot about relationships lately. I hope that some of the things, I have shared... have helped you.  I have learned so much lately, that keeping it all to myself would seem very selfish.  You can always send your thoughts to me on twitter @TylerFoxxVegas, in fact I live for your comments.   I wanted to share some of your tweets..so here goes:

* I'm probably a narcissist that you write about, I think this is exactly how she feels. I’ve been missing her and thinking about her a lot. I’ve been contemplating contacting her. But, I also believe we have a “attachment” issue and it will be the same thing as last time. I do love her though.

* My man, so on point! I know I need to move on. Its best for us both. Thank you.

* Been w/ him back & forth way too many times... As much as I love him I just CANNOT live with all the doubt & fear anymore... I'm choosing NEW LOVE... I DESERVE A BETTER LIFE!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

* I've been knowing this for a while. Some people just want to hold on knowing that its really over. It's over, however he won't get out of my energy. Any advice for cutting emotional cords? He just doesn't want to see me move on without him. That's not real love. 

*I'm done! He has very toxic energy, and I am done with giving him my energy. He has not grown at all, but you can't tell him that.  Just the same person in a different shell. Great advice. 

Check back tomorrow for more relationship rehabilitation.  I'm shooting a video today with Melissa from #PawtasticFriends.  I am meeting Rico today.  He has a really sad but cool story.  I'll share that with you in video form very soon! 

I've got Khalid tickets after 2pm today!  Be sure to download the radio.com app it's super cool!  And more details about Summer Jam 19' too!

Ellie Goulding, Fletcher, Ava Max, Madison Beer & Alley Brooke are gonna be there  May 30th @ The Chelsea @ The Cosmopolitan.  Did you get your presale tickets???  

Have an amazing day..

Tyler FoXx