Retrograde is OVER..Don't reach out to your EX!

Cutting the cord

April 4, 2019
Weekend Blog


Hey guys!


I got a DM yesterday asking me about cutting the cord.  I wanted to address that today with you guys.  I know it's very easy to let your mind wander and alot of time it runs wild. It's horrible, and right after a break up it's worse.  Save your energy for doing things for you.  Anyone that does not see your value, and would actively choose to play games or discard you.  Is NOBODY you would ever want to go back to.  Because, nothing changes.  

                               >>> If you choose to reach out.  They know 3 things about you right off the bat >>>

1.) They still have control over you.  Your emotions, actions and thoughts.  And they do, because you couldn't stay away.

2.) They think you know you were wrong in your assessment of them.  Which lets them off the hook for ANY of the bad behavior they have shown you in the past.  Instead of them apologizing ( they won't ) with this type of person, you contacting them.  Gives them more power to treat you worse in the future.  So whatever they do to or against you in the future x2.  AYE i thanks!

3.) They can still get emotional supply from you!  Remember, they love the drama.  So any back and forth..push & pull kinda stuff.  Is what they live for.  They love the drama.  A bunch of drama mama & papa's.  Starve them and they hoover you.  You really can't win unless you completely ignore them and start living your best life. 

                                                                                           >>> My advice >>>

Be sad about it, cry, yell...whatever you need to do.  Remember how toxic this situation is/was/will be.  Then immediately forgive them for their trespasses against you and remember that in 2 years...or 5 years or whatever the number.   You will probably not even remember their last name.  Block them on social media and in your phone.  This is to keep them from hoovering, which I have covered in previous blogs.  If you have something you need to say to them.  Get out a piece of paper and a pen and write it out.   Put everything you wanted to say to them in there.  Get everything out.  Then put it in the fireplace and burn it.   You are going to have a much better life being free and letting new good energy into your world.  Cutting the cord only happens when you get real perspective on the situation and accept it.  You have to want to do that for yourself.  Or it cannot happen.

Love you!!!  Thanks for reading

Tyler FoXx

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