The Corona Virus has me seriously paranoid!!!

February 26, 2020
Tylers World

Hey gang!

Ok so by now you've seen all the coverage about the Corona Virus!  I can't take it.  It's creating a very unhealthy paranoia of people and mostly germs.  I started thinking about some of these stories about being quarantined and the CDC warnings.  I heard 4-8 weeks in some scenerio's.  UNREAL!!!  What would you do with yourself for 2 months with no money.  I think as long as I wasn't sick at first it would be fine.  Think of all the things you could get done around the house.  I'd have a ton of time to spend with the pooches but I would go out of my mind after day 5. 

I asked my friend Max, who owns a doctors office to fill me in on the deal with this.  He told me off the record would be sick, but not everyone is dying from it like the media is trying to make it out to be.  Similar to the Flu :-(  His advice was to take lots of Vitamin C and eat things that boost your immune system.  Additionally to be especially careful in public places.  Don't touch things that you don't need to touch in public like rails, door handles etc.  The less germs you can touch the better off you will be.  So make sure you clean those shopping carts handles if you don't already.

Am I paranoid?  IDK most likely.  Be safe and get some vitamin C and take care of yourselves....oh and download the app too! 

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