What do you do, when there is legal trouble?

Dawn from Nevada Legal Services stops by to explain how they could help!

September 3, 2020

With so many people out of work right now and facing eviction or slow unemployment claims.  It has created MANY problems for lots of people in the valley.  Dawn Jensen dropped by to explain how it works at Nevada Legal Services.  Find out if you qualify by watching this video and what sort of cases they take. We talked about intake, knowing your rights and how they could help you.


About Nevada Legal Services:


They provide free legal assistance to eligible clients.  They are a statewide, nonprofit public interest law firm funded by grants from the Legal Services Corporation, the Nevada Bar Foundation, and other state, federal, and private grants.  Note: their practice is civil law and they do NOT handle criminal law cases. Eligibility usually depends on your income level. Contact them if you need help. There may always be a grant under which they can help you!

Government Benefit Denials

SNAP (Food Stamps)


Social Security Disability

Temporary Assistance for Needy

Unemployment Benefits

Veteran’s Benefits

Subsidized Housing and Mobile Home Parks

Termination of housing assistance

Denial of housing assistance

Evictions from all housing types

Consumer Issues

Foreclosure Defense


Collection Defense

Garnishment and Attachment Exemptions

Fair Debt Collection and Credit Reporting

Ryan White Part B

Government Benefit Denials (SSDI, SSI, Medicare/Medicaid, SNAP)

Consumer Issues (Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, etc.)

Record Sealing (Criminal & Eviction)

Name Changes


Estate Planning (Wills & Power of Attorneys)

Limited Family Law

Discrimination (Employment, Housing, Public Accommodation)

Employment Law

Native American

Assistance w/ Tribal Code Drafting

Jurisdictional Issues

Federal Trusts

Wills and Probate

Criminal Cases in Tribal Courts

Individual Civil Cases in Tribal Courts

Tenants’ Rights Center

Tenant Evictions

Deposit Returns

Damages Defense

Families Habitability Issues

Elder Law

Wills and Probate




Nursing Home Issues

Family Law Matters

Guardianship Matters

In cooperation with other legal service providers and our Pro Bono Program, we provide only limited services in other family law matters.

Veterans and Rural Services


Denial of housing assistance 


Collection Defense 

Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling  


Contact them: 530 South 6th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 Phone: (702) 386-0404