Road Trip to Victorville..I lost on scratch offs..

BIG FAT's a more reliable bet!

January 13, 2020
Rat Lotto

Foxx Gang!!!

Happy New Year!!!  I took a road trip to Victorville to adopt my new Dobergirl "Remi"...along the way someone farted...we ate gas station food...we had to take evasive action on the freeway.  We gambled and we lost and we have the reciepts.  For those of you that don't know.  I lost my beloved 10 year old Doberman Pinscher over Christmas break.  I have been devastated over it.  I literally felt gutted.  My mom told me the only to get over this hurt is to get another dobie under control.

I found this awesome Doberman Rescue in California.  Last week I connected with Remi's foster mom and was able to solidly decide this was the girl for me.  I felt like adopting was the right thing to do ONLY because there are SOOOOO MANY in rescue and needing a home.  I found a girl who was about 3 years old and matching all the things I needed to work in my house.  I literally drove 6 hours yesterday to get this girl.  I have never been so happy to have a new dogs in my house.

ANYONE who has had a new dog in their home understands all about learning new schedules and habits.  It's going AMAZING so far.  I am planning on sharing more from my trip on Weds in a video EXCLUSIVELY here on  

I hope you will swing by and see Remi Nicole's debut...While I might have lost on California state lottery tickets...the BIG FAT BRIBE on KLUC is a more sure thing and costs NOTHING to enter.  Qualify by getting your code word on the :30 on 98.5 KLUC M-F (details on starting at 8:30 with Chet Buchanan.  It's cheaper and if you win you can buy whatever you want!!! $1,000.00 per hour could go a VERY long way.  

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- Tyler