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April 23, 2020
Tyler Foxx

Scott Burnett, Breezy Krueger


Hey Foxx gang!

I feel like this quarantine and socially distancing stuff is starting to get me into a pretty deep funk.  In the last couple of days I realized that it's not just the human contact I am missing.  It's just daily life activity.  I thought this quarantine stuff was just gonna be a blast...I'd stay home, clean and eat junk food and do my show partially dressed in the afternoon.   However you can only clean the house or walk the dog so many times.  I need to do more for myself.  So I am getting back into working out.  I never felt better than when I was in the gym, mentally and physically.  I cant wait to hog the weights and stair machines.  I hope your ok...and this quarantine is treating you well.  Just remember to do something for yourself EVERY.SINGLE.DAY...


So back in the day...I was asked to participate in a show to raise money for senior citizens for Thanksgiving dinners.  I had been Marilyn Monroe for halloween that year and I still had the costume so I figured...why the hell not??  It was a blast being made up to look like one of the world biggest icons.  It was a lot of work...duct tape, foundation, powder, wig glue, fake nails and water balloons taped in (I was wearing a halter) on top of wearing heels.  Find the reciepts below!

Tyler Foxx
Scott Burnett, Breezy Krueger

Stay connected together Vegas...I love you...I hope this picture made you giggle.