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February 11, 2019
Tyler Foxx Tarot

Welcome back!   Here is Tyler Foxx's tarot card prediction for the week of Feb 11 2019. 


Aries: The Lovers Card upright.  You have some moral and ethical decisions to make this week.  If you are involved with a 3rd party.  This is the week to make a decisions. It's "make or break " for you, Aries.  The universe is forcing you to choose between love and other bonds.  You are at a crossroad.  Which way you gonna go?


Taurus: 6 of Coins upright.    Taurus is coming off of a weekend of feeling disappointed or having learned something that does not leave a nice taste in their mouth.  Bulls ask yourselves; why am I in this situation?  What is REALLY going on here???  These are the questions that could be plaguing you this week.  It's the whole "having vs. not having scenerio" ..... the same drama playing out from last April again.  How did you work through this situation?  Aquarius could be involved. 


Gemini: 8 of Swords upright.  Gemini is making their move this week.  Important information could be coming your way this week.  I see you using that information to complete some unfinished business.  Be open to the messages from the universe and listen to your gut.  You are extremely intuitive this week.


Cancer: Death Card represented upright.  Don't Panic!  This is not necessarily a horrible message because the death card is involved.  Past mistakes are represented.  I am feeling like these have led you to this renewal, you will experience this week.  Let go of the old, embrace the new.  This card could represent the end of a relationship or a job.  Better things are coming your way. 


Leo: The Chariot in reverse.  Leo please pump your brakes this week.  You have been at the cross roads with a situation for the last few weeks. This card shows indecision, distraction and unfocused behavior...chaos in short.  Count to 10,  before exchanging words in the heat of a moment this week.  You will regret saying something you do not mean later. 


Virgo: 5 of Coins upright.  Please take good care of your health this week Virgo gang.  Are you feeling run down?  Lack of abundance is represented with 5 of coins.  Are you stressed out about work or relationships?  Now is a good time to put those issues on the side burner.  Let them simmer for a minute, while you get a hold on your health. 


Libra: Ace of Swords upright.  You are ready to conquer the world this week Libra gang.  You are giving 110%  Feeling generally optimistic and coming up with plans and solutions to set you up for success this week. 


Scorpio: Page of Coins upright.  Common sense is your BFF this week!  I see abundance in store for the week ahead.  Both, tangible and intangible.  You are coming up with ideas, solutions and focusing on what is effective.    Sidenote: As I write this my hand is itching..money could be coming or leaving.  Be sensible with extravagant purchases this week.


Sagittarius: Ace of Staffs upright.  You have a clear understanding of what is going on.  I see my Sag gang early overcoming any adversity or pushback this week.  People understand that you are fair, balanced and very objective.  Use these traits to your advantage this week. 


Capricorn: The Fool Card upright.  Anything goes this week Cap gang!  There is a new beginning being represented, or a change of direction.  Go with the flow this week and keep faith in yourself.  Everything is gonna work out fine.  Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild week! 


Aquarius: 3 of Swords upright.  Well didn't the weekend throw you a nasty curveball.  Someone threw you something unexpected and it left a mark on you.   As a result my Aqua gang is feeling let down, had their feelings hurt and generally hurting inside over a recent turn of events.  Refer to last weekend's reading: Did this trip go sour?  #askingforafriend  Hang in there Aqua's this feeling will pass. 


Pisces: 3 of Staffs upright.  This is NOT the week to react.  People could say some crazy stuff to you this week.  Your non reaction will set them on fire.  Let whomever is irking you this week work out their own internal battles.  This has nothing to do with you.  Your intution and premonitions of situations could be foreshadows for things to come.  Pay attention to who says what this week, trust your gut. 


Check back on Thursday for a look at the weekend ahead.  Please remember, tarot readings are for fun and entertainment & should not be considered professional advice. 

Tyler Foxx

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