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Meet my new pooch! Cute doberman pictures inside....

February 3, 2020

Hey Foxx gang!  

I just wanted to pop up a blog and do a little bragging about my pooch!  I adopted Remi Nicole from a small Doberman rescue in California a few weeks ago.  The time has really flown by!  I have learned so much about her.  She paws at the door to go outside.  When we go outside she has picked her favorite "potty spot" so she takes me right to it.  Anyone who knows about potty training new dogs, know it can be a pain.  Not with this girl.  It's like she has lived with my doggle gang her entire life.  She's silly and doesn't realize how big of a dog she is which leads to adventures like her trying to sit in a dog bed meant for a Chihuahua.  She knows all sorts of commands, sit, down, up, shake and hug...yes she knows how to give you a hug.  Doberman's might be the smarted breed ever.  

I am so glad that I adopted.  It was exactly what I needed.  If you are going through the loss of a pet.  Please consider opening your heart to one of the many dog's in need of a good home.  

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