Tyler FoXx Visited Paul Culley Elem School!!!

Career Day

April 12, 2019
Tyler's World Personal Blog 3.19.19


Hey FoXx Gang!

TGIF!!!  My goodness, is it really Friday already??? I have had so much going on since Wednesday the last few days have been kind of a blur.  All this wind stirred up my allergies and I am a mess.  I was woken up early this morning with a text from a friend, and I couldn't get back to sleep ugh!!!  So I stayed up and watched the news for a bit before getting ready and heading out for the morning.  I have to get better at planning my time and respecting my own constraints with time.  Some days I feel like even tho I am productive, I am not on the level I want to be.  So we try harder next week!

This morning, I went to Paul Culley Elementary School.  I talked to kids from 3-5th grade about their career goals.  I was able to reflect on my own career for a minute.  I forced me to stop and look at my own life and realize how grateful I am for all of the chaos from day to day.  I am producing a web series focused on saving dogs, with Pawtastic Pets, I write this here blog and I do a radio show.  I feel mighty fortunate for the platforms that Entercom has provided me with.  Shout out to all of the kids, and the faculty I met this morning.  Your staff and students are A+ grade  I was so inspired and glad to hear the kids talking about media and genuinely excited about it.  Thank you for having me...it was so nice meeting all of you. 

Card from Paul Culley Faculty

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!  I will be at the 5th Annual 98.5 KLUC Bunny Trail starting at 8am tomorrow morning.  Registration starts around 9 and we will have races every 20 minutes.  Candy, Fun and Entertainment at Tivoli Village.  Get more details on our home page.    I hope to see you there!!!

- Tyler FoXx