Tyler's World: Spreading appreciation

My 5 Favorite things of the week!

April 9, 2020
Tyler's World

Hey gang!

How's that quarantine goin' for you?  I read that these next few weeks are going to be kinda critical.  PLEASE take any and all precautions you can and keep socially distancing #stayconnectedtogether  I have been learning all sorts of things about diff apps like TIK TOK and video editing.  It feels like this quarantine has been a crash course on technology for me.  THEN my celly died and I switched to Android from Apple...  That is rewarding but the anxiety of all of it WHEW!  And I thought finding toilet paper was going to be tough.  So without delay:

My 5 Favs this week.

1.) Our engineer Fred, this guy has a solution for almost anything.  One of the smartest people I know.  

2.) Essential workers...esp those of you filling those shelves.  We appreciate you so much, even if it doesn't seem like it.  We really do.  

3.) Those companies providing assistance to consumers with loans ...delayed bill pay etc.  Thank you for understanding.  

4.) The kindness that has been extended to friends and neighbors with text check in's, card's, video chats etc.  

5.) The time with my dogs.  I know they are ready for me to go back to work.  But I love them so much and this time spent with them is a blessing.  


To any of my gang in need of resources during these essential times... check out this site www.thinklocallv.com for community resources, jobs, local businesses that deliver etc.  Hang in there my friends.  My grandma always used to say.  "Stand strong in the rain, because the sun will shine on you again".  Crazy times we're all living in.  Love you love u Love you!  Thanks for listening.

- @TylerFoxxVegas