Meet Rico: A Pawtastic Friends Dog

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April 5, 2019

98.5 KLUC's Tyler Foxx adventures this week into the world of dogs. Tyler meets up with model, actress, philanthropist, Cheryl Prater and Pawtastic Friends, Melissa. They created a Pawtastic Friend's goal to have 985 dogs adopted in two years. Check out 98.5 KLUC's Dog of the Week #1:

98.5 KLUC's Dog of the Week #2

Meet Rico:

  • Love bug and handsome 
  • He's five-years-old
  • Great hiking partner
  • Can solve puzzles
  • Is patiently waiting for a home

If you would like to meet Rico, or others just like him, contact You could help sponsor his enrichment training sessions at Pawtastic Friend's. Dogs get taught physical and also mental training in the enrichment training program. Rico would do good in a home with active owners and mature children. He is great with other dogs. You can schedule a meet and greet with him today. Check back every Friday for a new installment of "Tyler's World"

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