Tyler's World: #Stayconnectedtogether

The importance of staying connected!

April 6, 2020
Tylers World



Hey Gang!

How are you holding up?  I think I am done recognizing days of the week...I am gonna stick with days of the year.  I belive this is day 96 of the year and day 15 of social quarantine.  Our world has changed so much.  It's funny how we think about personal space but prior to COVID-19 we never really respected personal space, or probably washed our hands enough.  We are so woke on so many different things now as a result.  I am grateful that I am able to work from home.  The extra time with my dogs has been really nice.  HOWEVER, I miss my co workers and laughing with you guys on the request lines. 

I have been experimenting with a more raw, unfiltered idea for Tyler's World.  I hope to share that with you guys very soon.  I just got a new phone that doesn't die all the time now and look forward to sharing some of the more unfiltered moments of my life.  Coz' you know me I always keep it real.?

Hey, since we are at home  My friends at www.pawtasticfriends.com are looking for adopters or foster families for some of our friends living in boarding during this quarantine.  Please consider bringing in a Vegas doggie in need.  Check out some of the doggie pictures on their page, lots of videos too.

I am on air after 2...I love you keep washing your hands and text us your essential favorite song requests @ 8 2 9 8 5

- Tyler