Every Little Thing Counts

A community-wide effort helps reach record-breaking haul

December 16, 2019
Toy Drive Day 12  22

It took a community-wide effort to reach 2019’s record-breaking Toy Drive haul, with families and businesses contributing up until the last second. In the hours before Buchanan came down on Monday, Valley Health Home Care came through with toys collected by employees, and Planet Fitness followed with boxes of donations, including 65 bicycles.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department also stopped by with two vans full of bicycle helmets and a friendly reminder that helmets are the law for bicyclists. A short time later, a SWAT van pulled into the NV Energy parking lot. As officers helped unload toys and bicycles, they were joined by members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club, an unusual sight on any other day but the final day of Toy Drive.

Many of the organizations taking part spoke of being inspired to create their own, office-wide toy drives, repeating the mantra that “one dollar at a time, one bicycle at a time” makes all the difference.

“That’s really the enduring legacy of Toy Drive,” Buchanan responded. “So many people put together their own thing… then you bring that here and you become part of a bigger thing.”

We would like to thank our Toy Drive 2019 sponsors for helping make this event possible. 

Toy Drive 2019 Sponsors