Totally Random P1 Power Rankings Week #17

How about a blindfolded draw of names out of a bag? Okay.

October 15, 2019

Instead of our usual P1 Power Rankings Podcast where Chet, Spence & Kayla discuss the virtues of names that have become very familiar like DLK, J. Stew or The LeMays, we took all of those names and put them in Spence's headphone bag...a retooled, canvas Christie Cookies bag. We then randomly selected names out of the bag to come up with Week #17's P1 Power Rankings.

A P1 is someone that listens The Chet Buchanan Show on purpose. There are many designations like "P1D1" is a P1 from day 1 or "P1AF" obviously is P1 as....well, you get it. The main thing is that you listen to the show. We decided that we should put together a rankings of our most prolific listeners. Much like pro sports have their power rankings, we should have ours. A new podcast comes out every Tuesday morning. The criteria is pretty basic; interact with the show. We made judgements based on calling in and participating, social media participation and event & remote broadcast participation. In Week 10 we expanded the list to a Top 10. Here we go.

Here are P1 Power Rankings for LAST WEEK:

1. (8) Brooks "The Fish" Slater

2. (2) The LeMays  (Nisa & Ja'Mee)

3. (6) Sadi

4. (7) VegasDrea

5. (3) Hannah from Northtown

6. (NR) DLK, Deanna Lee Kizer

7. (NR) Hot Ryan

8. (8)  John Stewart

9. (9) Jesse Da Show Filla

10. (NR) Fmr "Surrogate" Champion Angie Morales

A list of ten doesn't nearly cover it many wonderful P1's that show support to the show including: 

 Wayne the FlaggerChloe & Jeff (The Power Couple), Professor Blue, Uber RJ, Brandi Harlow, Caiden's Mommy, , Big Mike,  Alix Mertel, Queen of the First Pick, Brandi PinedaSalty Dan, Arica Gallo, Laurie B.Jennifer Kyle-Linan, , Big Steve, "Damn, You Thick" Jay, LeahLouWho, BritChickVic, Brock, BBoyBuckles,  Former Assemblyman Elliot Anderson, David Benjamin, Bruce Merrin, Kylie West, Shelly & Charley, Maureen Tuvell, BubbaCorporal ReyesJoel Franklin,  Hot Chick Val, Michelle Cable (Her weekend is always better than yours), All the Way MayJen VGK

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