It's the End of the Year; December 27, 2019

The biggest headlines of 2019 in one song

December 27, 2019

When it comes to the biggest stories of 2019, what will you remember? Impeachment? The fire that destroyed the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral? How about the morons that "stormed" Area 51?  Maybe it's something even less serious like the fervor over Popeye's chicken sandwhiches or the outrage generated by the Peloton wife. It could be the memory of a celebrity passed that you were a huge fan of? Juice Wrld, Tim Conway, Luke Perry or Grumpy Cat

Whatever it might be, it's probably is covered in Spence's wrap up to 2019. With appologies to R.E.M., here's "It's the End of the Year As We Know It." 

Feel free to sing along:

That's great, it starts with workers irate
Government shutdown means no pay
And Jussie Smolett's crime was staged

All about the Ukraine, watch politicians churn
Gaga and Bradley sing, Brady gets one more ring
Green Book, Academy, We Work tanked
'nother actor is a grabber, Swift and Scooter fight, song rights
Sad to see a fire burnin' down the Notre Dame
Buncha idiots stormed Area 51's site
Kevin Hart's buddy driving in a hurry, made us worry, 
Nearly broke his neck

White House team, reporters hassled, Trumped, Twittered, stopped
Avengers: End Game, Bill-ions
Uh oh, Game of Thrones, Goodbye Dragons, Rock's a groom
He said, "I do." Epstein's cell, killed himself
Hong Kong protesting, Nats win the World Series
Can't get a Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, am I right? Right
The Democratic, house chaotic, far right, trade fight
That poor Peloton wife. 

<Chorus> It's the end of the year as we know flew right by.

Still so slimy, Matt Lauer, Harry, Meghan baby shower
Lion King returns, watched California burn
Aunt Becky faces scorn, World Cup winnin', U.S. women
Liam, Miley separate, R. Kelly incarcerate
Whistleblower, Baby Yoda, "It" Clown, The Crown
Got me Disney Plus, plus, J-Lo
And her rear reaches fifty years, White Claw replacing beer
An impeachment, an impeachment, an impeachment, third time
Liberals in ruin and nutty Conservatives on Facebook, fight

<Chorus> It's the end of the year as we know flew right by.​

To those who died, we say goodbye like Juice Wrld before his time
Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife, Grumpy Cat, outta lives
Nipsey Hustle, Lagerfeld, Rip Torn, Tim Conway
Luke Perry, Doris Day, John Witherspoon
A Boston Celtic, kicked the bucket, Havlicek died? Died

<Chorus> It's the end of the year as we know flew right by.​