Spence's Best VGK Songs of 2018 - #2 Super

Say it fast, SuperGoldenKnightaliciousFleuryIsTheMostest

December 28, 2018

Throughout the Vegas Golden Knights inaugural season and into season two, Spence has produced several hockey-themed Songs of the Week. Here are the Top 5 VGK songs of 2018.

With a second season of Golden Knights hockey on the way, Spence could not contain his excitement and in honor of the team and it's goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury he came up with "SuperGoldenKnightaliciousFleuryIsTheMostest."

#3 - "Rejected Vegas Golden Knights Playoff Songs"

#4 - "What Will I Do Without Hockey?"

#5 - "Put Your Finger in My Ear, Flower"