Spence's Best Parody Songs of 2018: IKEA

The #1 parody of the year comes with an allen wrench

December 31, 2018

Every Friday at 8:05, througout the year, Spence debuted a new "Song of the Week." Sometimes it would be an original song but some of the most viewed songs of the week were parodies of some of 98.5 KLUC's biggest artists. Yes, we all have, somehow, gotten lost in an IKEA. It's only been a couple of years since Vegas got its' own and like every other city, we've gone Swedish meatball crazy. Spence's top parody for 2018 remixes Bastille's "Happier." 

#2 Youngblood (5SOS - "Youngblood")

#3 Bad at Math (Halsey - "Bad at Love")

#4 Gotta Pee (Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line - "Meant to Be")

#5 Pervy (Ed Sheeran - "Perfect")