P1 Power Rankings: Week #3

Who are The Chet Buchanan Show's most passionate listeners?

July 9, 2019

A P1 is a person that listens to The Chet Buchanan Show on purpose. There are many designations like "P1D1" is a P1 from day 1 or "P1AF" obviously is P1 as....well, you get it. The main thing is that you listen to the show. We decided that we should put together a rankings of our most prolific listeners. Much like pro sports have their power rankings, we should have ours. A new podcast comes out every Tuesday morning. The criteria is pretty basic; interact with the show. We made judgements based on calling in and participating, social media participation and event & remote broadcast participation.

Here are P1 Power Rankings for LAST WEEK:

1. (3)   DLK, Deanna Lee Kizer 

2. (5)  Queen of the First Pick, Brandi Pineda

3. (1)   Wayne the Flagger

4. (2)   John Stewart

5. (4)  Jesse Da Show Filla  

Also receving votes:

Chloe & Jeff, HannahBrooks "The Fish" Slater, Salty DanFormer "Surrogate" Champion - Angie Morales, Hot Chick Val, Michelle Cable (Her weekend is always better than yours), Big Mike, Corporal ReyesJoel FranklinHot Ryan,

Bubbling under (in no particular order): 

Laurie B.Jennifer Kyle-Linan, Professor Blue, Big Steve,  "Damn, You Thick" Jay, , Bubba, LeahLouWho, BritChickVic, Brock, BBoyBuckles,  Elliot Anderson, Alix Mertel, David Benjamin, Bruce Merrin, Kylie West, Shelly & Charley, Maureen Tuvell, Shelly Cowart

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