MSG Sphere Las Vegas, Pac 12 And Congrats To Demi Lovato

Check out all of the details on the MSG Sphere Las Vegas

July 28, 2019

KLUC's Santiago gives his take on the top stories of the week. 

This week we have the first look of the MSG Sphere Las Vegas at The Venetian Resort Hotel. The sphere will have an LED screen the size of three football fields and an incredible sound system! This venue can hold up to 20,000 people and will host concerts, residences and corporate events! The venue won't be complete until 2021. Earlier this week, the Pac 12 will play the 2020 and 2021 title games at the new Raider Stadium. The stadium will  be complete in August of 2020. Demi Lovato celebrated her one year anniversary of sobriety. She was seen in West Holywood, California with a bunch of her friends. Congratulations Demi and to everyone who is also on journey of staying sober. 

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