Las Vegas is Hot, Las Vegas Raiders, Marshawn Lynch and Avengers End Game

'So What Did We Learn This Week?' The heat is back Las Vegas, Las Vegas Raiders, Marshawn Lynch retires and Avengers End Game is here

April 26, 2019

KLUC's Santiago gives his take on the top stories of the week. The '90s are back! Las Vegas gets hot. Get ready for the those high A.C. bills. Summer is coming. The future Las Vegas Raiders are going to be without Marshawn Lynch. He retired, AGAIN, for the second time. On thursday, The NFL draft kicked off... Are the Las Vegas Raiders going to address their quarter back problem and running back problem? It's a PROBLEM. Avengers End Game has hit the theaters. Santiago felt all kinds of emotions for this film. Are you excited to see it? Check back every Friday for a new installment of "So, What Did We Learn This Week?"

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