Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images North America

Las Vegas Golden Knights Tease New Documentary: Valiant

It will tell the story of how hockey came to Las Vegas when it was needed the most.

April 30, 2019

Its beautiful to see how everywhere in Las Vegas, we are so proud of our first professional team: Go Knights Go!

Although hockey season ended with out hearts being broken over a decision out of our control, as a city we still thank the Las Vegas Golden Knights for an incredible year. We wear our VGK gear with pride because the team represents much more than a sport. 

After the massive tragedy our city went through, the team helped uplift us... and for that we love them so much. We are #VegasStrong and the Golden Knights will continue to help us tell the world that.

In a recent post on the official Las Vegas Golden Knights Facebook page, a 3-minute video was uploaded that gave us back that feeling of love and pride for Las Vegas. The team teased a new documentary that will be released titled "Valiant." It will tell the story of how the team came to our city when we needed it the most. If you feel like you couldn't love our team much more, I encourage you to watch the preview, and your heart will extend with much more love for Las Vegas and our team.

Check it out below: