The Masked Lover

We're searching for producer Lil' Jess' soulmate

February 8, 2019

Our freshly minted executive producer, Lil Jess, is a hard working single mom who is looking for a man. We aim to find her one. Introducing The Masked Lover. Three, somewhat anonymous, gentlemen in Lucha Libre masks. Will true love be revealed to Jess this Valentine's Day?

We asked Lil Jess to tell everyone a little about herself:

- I've got legs for days, boys!  I stand a very confident 6'3 and size does matter.

- I'm pretty funny (I make me laugh all the time) and have an infectious laugh.

- My friends would add that I'm very honest, smart mouth, a little (ok a lot) cray cray.

- I'm thoughtful and sentimental, a loyal friend, and not afraid to be alone.

- I'm an amazing mother​ who loves to talk about life, experiences, and struggles.

- My drive is like a Lamborghini, so please match or exceed my hustle.

Learn more about Lil Jess on Twitter and Instagram