Madonna Hits The Studio To Record In Spanish

She's creating Fuego with Latin Superstar Maluma!

February 27, 2019

Like it or not, Latin Music is on fire right now, or I should say: ¡La cosa esta caliente!

According to an article on Forbes, at the moment Latin music is more popular than EDM and Country.  This is why it makes so much sense why artists are intregrating themselves in the Latin wave. It gives them something different to record and they can potential reach a completely new audience. 

No wonder Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, French Montana, Drake, Selena Gomez, and Cardi B have jumped and succeed with their Spanish collaborations. This time, another superstar has announced that she's "cooking some fuego."

Madonna surprised all her fans as she shared a picture on her Instragram with one of the hottest Latin music stars of the moment... Maluma Baaaaby! The material girl posted a picture alongside Maluma inside a recording booth, and its obvious the two were recording something. Ugh, I can't wait for this!

Maluma is a Colombian singer/songwriter/model that has been incredibly successful all over the world. The guy has toured all over the U.S., Latin America, and even Europe. Maluma also crossed over and became the first Latin artist to sing in Spanish at the MTV VMA's in 2018.  With over 39 million Instagram followers, Maluma likes to share a lot of his projects with fans. Befor posting his picture with Madonna, he also shared a picture with and Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas.

Oh , did I forget to tell you he's also very guapo as well?

Check out the pictures below...

Cooking up some Fuego over here!...............------! @maluma

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Ms. Crazy & Mr. Safe --

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