Spence's Challenge: Monday, January 28th, 2019

The Chet Buchanan Show

January 28, 2019
Spence's Challenge

IT'S BACK!! We've given away more than $16,000 to listners who dared to take on Spence. It's as easy as answering 5 questions in less than 30 seconds. Do you constantly look at your timeline? Consider yourself somewhat of a pop culture guru? Then take on Spence for the Terrible Herbst Jackpot (currently at $123). You get that just for tying Spence. Beat him for a $1000 bonus and ultimate bragging rights as you will be a THSC CHAMPION!! 

Your next chance to play is Tuesday (1/29) morning at 7:25a... so read something.

And here are Monday's questions for you to reference:

1) Who was the offensive MVP of yesterday's craptastic Pro Bowl game?       A: PATRICK MAHOLMES

2) What musical production was performed live on national TV on Fox last night?         A: RENT

3) While Rent Live! was happening on Fox, what awards show was going on?          A: SAG AWARDS

4) What movie was number one at the box office?         A: GLASS

5) What star posted on Insta over the weekend about their reptured ovarian cyst?        A: KATE BECKINSALE